Una broma es una cosa seria (A joke is a serious thing)


21 JUN - 1 OCT

Tower Hall
Group exhibition. Bergé Collection

Artists: Liz Arnold, Anna Barribal, Andrea Bowers, Martin Creed, Dora García, Pablo Helguera, Chris Johanson, Jaime Pitarch, Werner Reiterer, Nina Saunders, David Shrigley, Bob and Roberta Smith, Nedko Solakov, Marijke Van Warmerdam, and Erwim Wurm

Curators: Eva del Llano, María Gallegos and Jaime Guillén.
The meeting with the curators will take place on September 6th.

What role does humor play in contemporary art and how do artists use it?

These are some of the questions that the curators of the exhibition asked themselves when they studied the Bergé Collection and noticed humorous and playful elements in many of its works. The result of this research work is A joke is a serious thing. Humor in art through the Bergé Collection, a group show that brings together the work of 15 national and international artists to show humor as a creative procedure that appeals to critical reflection. 

The exhibition, which has the support of the Palazuelo Foundation, is the proposal chosen among the Master's Thesis of the IV promotion of the Master's Degree in Museum Curatorial Studies. Its curators, Eva del Llano, María Gallegos and Jaime Guillén are graduates of the postgraduate program.

The works from the collection, with a wide variety of themes and techniques, dialogue in this exhibition at the MUN's Torre Hall. From different perspectives and with a jovial and carefree language, the selected pieces portray aspects of today's society and can be seen as a powerful artifact of reflection that invites the viewer to ask questions about the reality that surrounds them. 

Whether through absurdity, irony or incongruity, the exhibition shows humor as an effective tool that allows different contemporary artists to address current issues and concerns that appeal to the collective.

Header image: Fat Car, ed 2/8 (2000). Erwin Wurm


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June 21, 2023