Mar Aguiló

  Friday / 13 Oct / 8:00 p.m.
 60 min
16 € y 18 €

Presence and absence, magic and perfection. The sublime beauty of the swan is accompanied by the tireless effort that sculpts the dancers' bodies. 

Swan, Mar Aguiló's most recent work -and the first choreography in her catalog in which she does not also participate as a dancer-, intermingles a sincere and courageous autobiographical dimension with much broader reflections on the tradition of classical dance and its survival in our times.

As for the choreographed self-examination that is Swan, much of its analytical power comes precisely from the author's decision (or rather need?) to establish, for the first time in her career, a distance between her body and the stage. We underline here the notion of the body -so important in the discourse of a work that presents it to us already and always exhausted-, since what Aguiló displaces from the space of representation is, mainly, its physicality, not its presence.

The Rimbaldian formula "Je est un autre" takes on an unusual meaning in Swan , since the other fundamental presence in the piece, that of the dancer Clémence Gross, propitiates a game of mirrors that continually puts in dance the notion -always slippery and equivocal- of identity. Who is really dancing in Swan? Of course, here Gross is not -or not only- a projection of Aguiló, but how much of the Mallorcan artist's biography is embodied in each step, in each gesture, that we see and hear in Swan?

These questions also resonate -as we had anticipated- on a much larger plane, a scale that even allows us to modulate that last interrogation: how much of Mar Aguiló's biography -confused, already, with that of Clémence Gross- is her own, and how much responds to a severe tradition that has already crossed several centuries, as well as thousands of bodies and spirits?

Subjectivity and history, individual memory and collective tradition, originality and routine... Couples of concepts that dance in Swan(it is already clear that this piece is certainly not a solo... not even a duet: its protagonist is a whole dance troupe, full of ghosts).

The lake has always welcomed many more swans -and much more varied- than certain stories have wanted to preserve, if we are willing to dive into waters much more turbulent than those same stories have tried to describe.

Miguel Álvarez-Fernández


Artistic direction and choreography: Mar Aguiló

Performer and choreographic collaboration: Clémence Gross

Musical composition: Aire and Okkre
Lighting and set design: Víctor Colmenero
Dramaturgy: Miguel Álvarez-Fernández
Costume design: Andrea Pimentel
Artistic accompaniment: María Jerez
Technical assistance: Irene Cantero
Photography and video Work in progress in Madrid: Lourdes Cabrera
Teaser Work in progress with Marion Barbeau: Tirador Studio
Teaser with Clémence Gross: Omotesando
Poster photography: Alba Yruela
Photography: Hugo De la Rosa
Photography and video in Mallorca: Claire O'keefe
Production: Mar López and Mar Aguiló

Co-produced by Teatros del Canal and Teatre Principal de Palma.

Project carried out with the support of the Instituto de Estudios Baleáricos.

With the support of Ballet Ópera de París, Centro Coreográfico Canal, Teatre Sa Màniga and ELAMOR

Acknowledgements: Marion Barbeau, Joven de la Perla, José Carlos Martínez, Pere Josep Santandreu, Berta Blanca T. Ivanow, Max Laury, Eduardo Rivero, Cristina Pons, Lola Moreno, Cecilia Aranyossy, Rocío Barriga, Lolo and Sosaku, Aitor Bigas, Marina Herp, Helena Barrero, Martí Somoza, Io van Helsing, Alejandra Napuri, Roxane Mercerat, María Isabel Hidalgo, Luisa Gutiérrez, Sara Lasry, Andrés Izquierdo and Marta Armengol.