Navarra Bauhaus Festival

Navarra Bauhaus Festival
Date: June 9th
Time: 10:45 - 14:30
Place: Workshops of the Museo Universidad de Navarra
Free event upon registration
Organized by:
Government of Navarra, University of Navarra and NASUVINSA

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Event number: 2744 053 7632
Password: iWUPxFY26m2

Selected as a parallel event of the New European Bauhaus Festival, the Navarra Bauhaus Festival opens this European initiative to all Navarra, to think TOGETHER how we want to live in the future. 

A meeting in which to share initiatives that are being developed in our Community from the approach of the New European Bauhaus (NEB). 

The New European Bauhaus encourages us to think about how we want to live in the future. To incorporate three great values in this vision of development: Beauty, Sustainability and Inclusion. 

On this occasion, four projects will be presented and participants of all ages will be able to contribute their impressions, opinions and vision for the future. All opinions are needed. 


10:45 Welcome of the participants
11:00 Institutional welcome: What is the New European Bauhaus?
11:20 Presentation of four projects from Navarra in line with the NEB work axes:

a) Reconnection with nature
Exhibition The Edge. The footprint of man as seen through art.

b) Recovering the sense of belonging
Rethinking the Periphery Project

c) Priority to the places and people who need it the most
Etxekide Association Project

d) Promote long-term, life-cycle thinking, integrated in the industrial ecosystem.
BIOMA Project

11:40 Explanation of group work
11:45 Beginning of group work
13:00 Sharing in common
13:30 Snack

In the spaces, different professionals, companies and institutions from Navarre will show in poster format other initiatives under development, completed or in the planning stage, aligned with the New European Bauhaus.

The event will be streamed in coordination with the Festival organization in Brussels for people from all over Europe who sign up to participate remotely in the Festival and selected side events throughout the European Union.

Request your invitation by clicking on the link to join us in building the Navarra and Europe we want. 


To learn more:

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9 June 2022