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The Purpose

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The Museo Universidad de Navarra is an international center of public interest, for reflection and artistic creation, with an interdisciplinary, research, teaching and social character.

As a center of the University of Navarra, the Museum is integrated into its vision, shares its mission and responds to its values. It is, in the words of the rector, "a space for learning".

An open and lively space that brings together teaching, research, creation and dissemination of contemporary art. The Museum's collection is a living heritage that grows and inspires today's society. In the Museum the various artistic disciplines work together, dialogue and enrich each other, also seeking mutual enrichment with the teaching and research community of the University. 

Schoolchildren, families, the elderly, people of all ages and with different needs find in the Museum, through proposals adapted to each public, a place where they can approach art in its capacity to improve life, to make life meaningful and generate bonds.


The Artistic Project

The Museo Universidad de Navarra is a center for the production of artistic creation projects that generate reflection and knowledge. And all this is carried out within the framework of a University, with conceptually and/or methodologically defined artistic lines. 

The Museum's collection is the fundamental pillar of the project, it witnesses the role of artistic and documentary practices in the construction of the image of the world and its development from the Enlightenment to the present day and, by its hand, the Museum's artistic team has established five work axes:

1. Art and the construction of our image of the world.
2. Projects from the collection itself
3. Contemporary creation and cultural heritage
4. Dialogue between disciplines: plastic and visual arts & living and performing arts.
5. Reflection on creative processes


Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


and creation

Being born in the heart of an academic center, the Museum is surrounded by a multitude of areas of knowledge. From its multidisciplinary approach to art, it promotes research on the arts, for the arts and in the arts. It structures artistic creation and research projects through Artistic Residencies and shares knowledge and resources with the academic community in joint projects. 


A Museum
on Campus

As a center of the University, the Museum is aligned with teaching and research. Teaching, support for educational work, the promotion of research and the development of mediation systems are evidence of its university identity. Its presence provides spaces and new resources of quality and impact on learning. In addition to its own academic proposal (the Master's Degree in Curatorial Studies), the Museum hosts learning activities for young university students under the Campus Creativo seal and designs programs in collaboration with other professionals from the academic, scholastic and social spheres. 

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Encounter with contemporary art

As center of the University at the service of society as a whole, the Museum aims to be a place of encounter with contemporary art. It wants to encourage people to establish a relationship with art, to enjoy meaningful experiences that contribute to a more humane, critical and free understanding of the world. With this objective in mind, it designs a program that reflects its interdisciplinary character and its vocation for research and teaching. A program that aims to serve a wide variety of communities, people of all ages with diverse passions and needs, with different ways of understanding and feeling art with an inclusive perspective. 

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