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Artistic creation residency programmes

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The Museum's artistic creation residency programmes began in 2002, when the Artistic Direction devised a working scheme through which artists, especially photographers, were invited to draw inspiration from the Museum's Collection and present a personal project. The project, called Tender Puentes, provided the artist with funding for its development as well as the support and mentoring of the Museum's team, mainly its artistic directors.

After the inauguration of the Museum in 2016, this framework of joint work also extends to other artistic disciplines such as dance, music or theater under the more generic denomination Artistic Residencies in Performing Arts and Music

Both programs are inspired by the collection, develop a deep work of research and artistic creation and allow an always current, new and contemporary vision of the themes and issues it raises.

Each project requires an enormous work of conceptualization, research, realization, production.... The process receives the support of the Museum and the necessary attention to carry out a documentation of each of its stages, often resulting in a publication that is part of the Museum's collections. In addition, this work of documenting the process of research and artistic creation will give rise in 2023 to the "Archive of Artistic Processes".

Aplicaciones anidadas


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