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Economic information

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Museum financial information


Economic Information

The budget of Museo Universidad de Navarra is part of the budget of the University of Navarra. However, its management depends on the Museum's Governing Body, whose objective is the proper administration of resources in the pursuit of objectives.

The Museum reports to the aforementioned governing bodies of the University of Navarra once a year.

The total budget of the University, which includes all the centers of the University of Navarra, is audited by KPMG. This report is available on the transparency portal of the University of Navarra. 

The Museum publishes the annual report of the institution, with a section on budget and financing.

Public grants are published on the website and in all relevant communication materials attached to the project.

The Museum provides information on the distribution of expenditures by activity, as well as the origin of funding for activities. However, it does not provide information on the structure because it is an institution belonging to the University of Navarra and, therefore, covered by its regulatory framework. From here you can access the financial reports of the University of Navarra for the different fiscal years.