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The Museum is aligned with the sustainability strategy of the University of Navarra, Strategy 2025. Among its activities, it promotes environmental, economic and social sustainability in various ways.

The social cohesion and sustainability of the Museum's initiatives respond to the objectives of Strategy 2030.

Initiatives for the 20-21 academic year

During the 20-21 academic year, the Museum participated, along with other University centers, in the European initiative New European Bauhaus Prizes within the group dedicated to institutional best practices, in category 6 "cultural heritage preserved and transformed". All four of the University's projects were finalists. Specifically in the Museum's project, the jury appreciated its transversal nature and its ability to make heritage a legacy that contributes to creation, research and current artistic reflection.

Among the environmental sustainability actions undertaken are the LED lighting throughout the exhibition area and most of the Museum, the reuse and storage of packaging, the reduction of transportation routes that promote the carbon footprint, the provision of pedestrian access, bicycle parking, as well as the promotion of public transportation among its users, among other actions.

In terms of economic sustainability, the Museum consolidates formulas that facilitate access to culture and its appreciation by audiences and users, working towards a society that values culture and its contributions. .

Initiatives course 21-22

"The Museum participates in the University's Strategy 2025 and benefits from all sustainability initiatives promoted within it.
"Conducting an environmental impact study in collaboration with ETSAUN and PhD student Gabriela Bastos Porsani.
" Presentation of the poster MUSEUM, ART, ARCHITECTURE AND SUSTAINABILITY at the ICOM 2022 Congress in August, 2022 in Prague.
"SociARTE Project, with the support of Fundación La Caixa. Benefits 11 social entities.
"Measuring the impact of the Museum's initiatives in terms of UNESCO's SDGs.
"We hosted the NEB Festival NEB Navarra action, in collaboration with Tracasa and the Government of Navarra on "sustainable, inclusive and beautiful" societies.
" Within the scope of economic sustainability, the Museum works throughout the year, as a totally private museum, to ensure the sustainability of a project that we consider necessary.
" Reduced opening hours and installation of air curtains on the doors to improve the energy efficiency of temperature control and avoid closing in the summer months, as other cultural institutions had to do due to high temperatures.

Initiatives course 22-23

"The Museum participates in the University's Strategy 2025 and reports on its impact in terms of the SDGs.
"Implementation of energy saving measures such as air curtains at the entrances or adaptation of schedules in summer periods of high temperatures.
"SociARTE project, with the support of Fundación La Caixa. It benefits 21 social entities.
"We participated in the actions of the NEB Festival NEB Navarra, held at the Palacio de Condestable.
" Within the scope of economic sustainability, the Museum works throughout the year, as a totally private museum, to ensure the sustainability of a project that we consider necessary.
"Improvement of the website with Alt descriptions for the visually impaired.
"Together with the ONCE Foundation and the ETSA UNAV, we created an experience box around the work L'Esperit Català by Antoni Tàpies to bring it closer to people with visual sensory diversity.

Sustainable Development Goals

Its activities promote and support common progress towards the achievement of UNESCO's Sustainable Development Goals. 

ODS course 20-21

During the 20-21 season, all of the Museum's initiatives served the purpose of SDG 11, driving the creation of a more resilient, safe and sustainable society, its proposals reached 40,258 people. In addition, the activities carried out also contributed to the growth of a public-private network of partnerships and collaborations (SDG 17), as well as education (SDG 4), equality and women's empowerment (SDG 5), reduction of inequalities (SDG 10) and peace and justice (SDG 16). .

ODS course 21-22

The Museum, within the University, contributes in a very special way to social sustainability, making available to all people a space of encounter with contemporary art, with initiatives that respond to several of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), especially SDG 11 (sustainable and resilient societies, 73,969 people), 17 (partnerships, 6950 people), 4 (quality education, 12,605 people) and in some initiatives to SDG 5 (gender equality, with the school program "Women in the Arts").



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