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Governing bodies

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Governing bodies


The Museum's management was renewed in January 2021 with the intention of consolidating the project through a new board of directors with a continuity and renewal character. It is made up of eight people: the director, the deputy director, the manager, the director of communications, two professionals in charge of artistic direction, the director of performing arts and music, and the director of programs.

A particularly special and valuable feature of this museum is the fact that the artistic direction is collegial, formed by two professionals with extensive experience who, from the origins of the collection, designed a strategic proposal for its development. In addition to their experience, there is the director of performing arts and music, and the director of public programs, teaching and research, both linked to the previous artistic directors of their respective fields, marking a continuity and renovating character.  

In this way, the artistic programming does not depend on the criteria of a single person but of its four members.

Each one of them has a certain specialization, but their opinion and vote on the whole has the same value, so that the museum offer is perfectly coordinated in all areas and the variety of the resulting offer is presented as an integral whole. 

The Direction Board meets weekly, every Tuesday of the month, except in July and August. A total of 44 meetings are held each year. 


The main function of the Board of Trustees is to support the Museum's Board of Directors by providing advice and assistance in fundraising. The advice extends to the following areas: exhibition program, educational and cultural activities program, acquisitions, relations with other museums and institutions, and search for sponsorships. 

Likewise, the members of the Board of Trustees work selflessly to ensure that the Museum fulfills its mission, in accordance with the principles and values that inspire the University of Navarra, encouraging teaching and research on art and promoting activities that bring the Museum closer to the general public.

Ehe functioning and composition of the Board of Trustees are governed by its own regulations. The Board of Trustees meets twice a year and currently is chaired by Prof. Ángel J. Gómez Montoro.

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The Museum belongs to the following institutions and follows their codes of action:

  • ICOM: International Council of Museums.

  • Europeana: Online platform for museum and archive collections.

  • Oracle: Platform of curators of photography curators.

The Museo Universidad de Navarra publishes the number and date of the meetings, the agenda and the minutes of the management and board of trustees meetings, and publishes them internally, to the members of the Museum's Board of Trustees and the Permanent Commission of the University Rector's Office, to facilitate knowledge of the objectives and decisions taken and to coordinate governance. 

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Board of Directors


Jaime García del Barrio



Valentin Vallhonrat

Artistic Director


Rafael Levenfeld

Artistic Director


Javier Arana

Deputy Director


Ion Egúzkiza



948 42 56 00 Ext. 803451

Teresa Lasheras

Directorate of Performing Arts and Music


948 42 56 00 Ext. 803145

Nieves Acedo

Programme Directorate


948 42 56 00 Ext. 803477

Marta M. Arellano

Communication and Marketing Directorate


948 42 56 00 Ext. 803443


Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Museum's Promoters

Prof. Ángel Gómez Montoro

Members of the Board of Trustees of the Museum's Promoters

María Josefa Huarte and Javier Vidal (Spain) ✝ - Businessmen
Ortiz Echagüe Family (Spain) - Businessmen
Padula Blohm Foundation (United States) - Entrepreneurs
Jiménez Godoy Family (Spain) - Entrepreneurs
Orlowski Family (Poland) - Entrepreneurs
Antonino Fernández (†) (Mexico) - Businessman
Carlos Fernández (Mexico) - Businessman
Castillo Rodríguez Family (Guatemala) - Businessmen
Mora Family - F. Rodríguez (Spain) - Businessmen
Gabriela Willson (Venezuela) - Businesswoman
Saldívar Sandoval Family (Mexico) - Entrepreneurs
Tuñón Merino Family (Spain) - Businessmen
Frederick C. E. Melville and family (Guatemala) - Businessmen
Ruiz Family (Spain) - Businessmen
Lasso Alcívar Family (Ecuador) - Businessmen
Rafael Moneo - Architect
Segura Dobjanschi Family (United States) - Businessmen
Verdú Araujo Family (Ecuador) - Businessmen
Fernando Moreno de Barreda (Spain) - Businessman
José María Castellano (Spain) - Businessman
Calvet Family (Spain) - Businessmen
Julie Di Lorenzo (Canada)- Businesswoman
Ventós Orozco Family (Spain)- Businesswoman
Iraurgui Valley Foundation (Spain)
Marta Regina Fisher Fernández (Guatemala)- Businesswoman
Radia Bouziane (Algeria)- Businesswoman
Petrus and Veronica Fernandini (Peru)- Entrepreneurs
Lacayo Family (Panama)- Entrepreneur
Acunsa Health Insurance
Caja Navarra Foundation
Obra Social LaCaixa
Nova Trading
Siemens Gamesa
Jenner Renewables