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Social Innovation

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A Museum to learn together

"Art makes life better".

This phrase by Antonio López presides over the Museum's workshop room and animates a large part of the Museum's activities, such as school programs, guided tours or programs for university students. But if there is a space in which this phrase makes more sense, it is in those programs in which art serves to welcome all people and groups. 

The Museo Universidad de Navarra with the support of "LaCaixa" Foundation hosts this year the second edition of SociARTE.

Both institutions join forces to carry out an initiative that meets the needs of all the people of the 160 social entities of Navarra. The objective is to collaborate to build, together, a better and fairer society, giving more opportunities to those who need it most. Last year there were 10 social entities adhered to the initiative and this year 10 more join to form a group of 20 entities in a community that grows with the project. 

Museums and museum spaces are undoubtedly spaces of art, heritage, encounter and artistic experience, but they are also educational and therapeutic environments of enormous social influence.

Thus SociARTE is born as a proposal for intervention through art on the educational-therapeutic. It uses the possibilities of creativity to make an intervention of greater depth, with higher quality. A global invitation to explore both the inner world and the outer world in all areas of the person, in a comprehensive manner.

The project, which aims to reach 160 social entities in Navarre, will begin in 2022 after a needs study has been carried out to structure and respond in a personalized way to the needs of the 10 social entities that will participate in this first edition. 

Art improves us, changes us, benefits us. To this end, the teams of the social organizations and the Museum design specific actions to address the concerns and needs of the specific audiences of each one of them. 

This is a closed program for each of the social entities, free of charge and with a vocation for continuity, which aims to expand to 20 participating institutions per year. The Museum, with these actions through art, seeks to serve as an agent of support and insertion in the network of socialization of social entities in Navarra. We dream of creating a SociARTE network, a meeting point between the social entities participating in the project.

Among the proposals, there will be sessions on non-verbal communication and workshops on self-knowledge and personal development... The activities, always guided by professionals, have therapeutic purposes.


  • Asociación Roncal
  • Asociación Navarra para las Altas Capacidades (ANAC)
  • Esclerosis Múltiple Navarra (EM)
  • Fundación Ilundáin
  • Fundación Xilema
  • ANFAS Navarra
  • ONCE
  • Asociación de Familias de Personas con Discapacidad Auditiva de Navarra (EUNATE)
  • Asociación Española de Educación Sensible
  • Dyslexia Association of Navarra (DISNAVARRA)

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