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 Friday / 15 Sep 
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Campus Creativo MUN

We help you to create your theater company with the support of Liuba Cid and the whole team of Campus Creativo. We facilitate contact with people who have theatrical concerns and the same commitment and interest in theater, in addition to supporting the project with tools and resources. 

The program seeks to detect people like you, who want to perform, direct or produce theater in the environment of the University of Navarra. Create complementary teams, support each other if you already know each other and/or have a specific idea... 

Count on us to make the theater company you would like to belong to a reality. The necessary training, rehearsal space, costume and props resources...

Campus Creativo is committed to the promotion and encouragement of theater at the University. After seeing the success experienced in the castings year after year and verifying the high level and interest that exists in theater groups, we put at your disposal the expert knowledge in theatrical production and interpretation, training in the most effective tools for directing and the support of specific courses in playwriting.

During the first semester you will be able to attend production and interpretation classes in the Museum's classrooms and, in preparation for the university theater fortnight at Civivox, you will be able to work on your projects in the Museum's spaces.

In addition, the play will participate in the bid to be performed at the Teatro del Museo Universidad de Navarra. 

What will you take away from this project?

  • Participate in the theater and cultural life at the University. 
  • To understand the dynamics and structure of the theater industry.
  • To know the scenic spaces.
  • Working on the production of a play. 
  • To have new tools for interpretation/production.
  • Acquire theatrical writing tools.
  • Make yourself/themselves known.
  • Support to lose stage fright. 
  • Resources to help you speak in public. 
  • Knowledge on how to make a good theatrical production.
  • Learn how to reach the audience with your performance. 
  • Rehearsal space
  • Costumes
  • Possibility of participating in Talento Artístico

If you are interested, do not hesitate any longer, submit your application through this form and tell us your preferences. 

If you have any questions, please write to

Liuba Cid

LIUBA CIDD. Cum Laude in Arts and Humanities from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Academic of the Performing Arts of Spain. Born in Havana (Cuba), where she graduated in Performing Arts at the University of the Arts in the specialties of Theater Direction and Interpretation, obtaining a Gold Diploma. She has been a student of the Italian director Eugenio Barba and the German playwright Heiner Müller.

She has directed more than 50 theatrical productions, dedicating much of her stage work to the contemporary reading of the Classics of the Golden Age; she has published several titles on theatrical technique and specialized articles on theater and has received awards such as the National University Theater Award 2020. She is currently a professor of Art Theory in the Department of Humanities at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, director of Mephisto teatro and editorial coordinator of Ediciones Cumbres.



September 15, 2023



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