University of Navarra Symphony Orchestra Concert

 Tuesday / 21 Nov / 19:30 h
General 9 € / Students 4 €.

After a long rehearsal process, the Orquesta Sinfónica Universidad de Navarra conducted by Borja Quintas, offers a concert with a carefully selected repertoire that was announced a few weeks before its celebration.

The Symphony Orchestra begins work each year with the incorporation of new members who replace graduating students who participated in the previous edition. The group must learn to blend together, acquiring new and increasingly complex skills that enable them to tackle more complex challenges.

The winter concert is the occasion for the Symphony Orchestra to present to the public the repertoire worked on during the months of rehearsal. The increasing degree of difficulty and the work of cohesion of the group are visible in massive performances that receive the unanimous applause of the audience.

The Orquesta Sinfónica Universidad de Navarra is a project coordinated by the team of Campus Creativo that seeks to offer the students of the University the possibility of training and belonging to a quality symphonic ensemble.

Inspired by the orchestras of the most prestigious universities in the United States and Central Europe, it aims to revalue the role of the arts and music in the university environment and to become a young orchestra of reference.

Throughout the course, projects are developed that promote links and exchanges with other national and international university institutions, as well as with other professionals and institutions of the cultural world.

The repertoire will be communicated a few weeks before the event and when it is known, tickets will be available for sale. 



November 21, 2023



Museum of the University of Navarra:Campus Creativo