Fernando Pagola - APR 25 / AUG 27

OPENING 25 APR - 20:00 H. After the artist's masterclass
25 APR - 27 AUG

La Caixa" Foundation Hall (room 0)
Header image: Fernando Pagola.
Curator: Museo Universidad de Navarra

Inspired by the University of Navarra Museum's historical photography collection, the exhibition shows the artist's project, result of his participation in the Museum's Tender Puentes artistic residency program.

Fernando Pagola, architect and artist, focuses his work on his interest in the construction of the image, the representation of movement and the deconstruction of the figure and color.

His work reflects the different influences that have marked his career, as well as his interest in the use of different materials, linked to the plasticity that each one offers him.

The proposal exhibited at the MUN is arranged in a scenographic display that intervenes in the space, in the manner of the great pictorial cycles of the Modern Age.


Fernando Pagola (San Sebastian, 1961) is an architect and artist. He has been a professor of Projects and Drawing at the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra and a member of the Artistic Direction of the Museo Universidad de Navarra until 2021, when he retired to carry out his creation project within the institution's program.

He has exhibited his work in cities in Spain and other countries around the world. His paintings integrate elements of impressionist figuration and abstraction. He is also an advisor to various institutions on artistic and strategic issues.

He defines himself as "an architect who paints". His training leads him to approach things in a way that is not necessarily pictorial and that, in his own words, "has its good side, which is that you solve problems in another way".

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April 25, 2023