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Aplicaciones anidadas


May 23 to 25, 2023

Museo Universidad de Navarra
ICS - Siemens Gamesa Classroom

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


The MUN's "Laboratorio de pausa" is a research space that invites us to develop, through experience, physical and mental skills linked to the contemplative life. 


Looking and listening are the basis of our openness to the world, of socialization. This is why the MUN is dedicating these days to the important theme of attention.

As part of a "Laboratorio de pausa", these three days will focus on attention. Through workshops, seminars and meetings, the objective of the activities will be to deepen and rehearse practices to preserve and develop this capacity, which allows us to "want what we want" and which is particularly threatened today by forces that strive to take it over.



Full capacity except for the evening activities on May 24 and 25 at 5:00 p.m.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Tuesday, May 23rd
Attention and beauty workshops

10:00 // Workshop Space

Presentation of the conference

10:30 // Workshop Space

Workshop 1: The aura of attention: dowsing

It is known that attention has a lot to do with perception, but can it perceive itself? Does it leave a trace? In this workshop we explore the possibilities of an "attentional aura".


Coffee with attention

12:00 // Workshop Space

Workshop 2: The Art of Attention

Through a practice of sustained attention, this workshop plays with the relationship between works of art and their digital representations.


Lunch break

17:00 // Exhibition halls and Workshop Space

Afternoon session: Applied "aesthesis" exercises

Exercises of silent contemplation of selected works of art in four phases: encounter, attention, negation and discovery, followed by sharing.


Wednesday, May 24
Attention and care workshops

10:00 // Workshop space

Introduction: Reading Georges Perec

10:30 // Workshop space

Workshop 3: The power of the "infraordinary".

We use the work of Georges Perec to bring to life "the infra-ordinary" in our environment and explore the politics of this way of seeing.


Coffee with attention

12:00 // Workshop space

Workshop 4: Attention and friendship: listening to the link

We experimented with mindful listening practices to consider the role of mindfulness in forming interpersonal and community relationships.


Lunch break

17:00 // SIEMENS ICS Classroom

Afternoon Session
Lecture: "The art and science of human attention", by Graham Burnett



Thursday, May 25
Attention and creativity workshops

10:00// Workshop space

Workshop 5: Listening to one's own melody

Through music and dance we will pay attention to what is happening inside and outside ourselves. From listening to our own inner melody, we will achieve self-knowledge and understanding and, from stillness, silent interaction and sensitive movement, we will build affective bridges that will promote a deep bond with others and the environment.


Coffee with attention

12:00// Workshop space

Workshop 6: Creativity in the gaze

The attentive, deep and refined gaze is a means to access a greater awareness of reality in its visible and invisible dimensions, in the immanence and transcendence that inhabit it.


Lunch break

17:00 // Classroom 2 MUN

Masterclass Claudia Claremi with screening of:

Part 1: The Weather (19') (C. Claremi 2020)

El Tiempo is an audiovisual piece by artist Claudia Claremi, created in collaboration with the volunteer team of the Museo Reina Sofía's Education Department. Framed in the fiction of a dystopian present, the volunteers appear as the group of people who inhabit the empty Museum. Through performative actions and experiences of deep attention, El Tiempo establishes intimate dialogues between the bodies, the space and the works of the Collection.



19:00 // Classroom 2 MUN

Part 2: ANTHESIS (19') (C. Claremi 2022) Colloquium

Screening of the film 'Anthesis' presented by Peter Schmidt, D. Graham Burnett and Claudia Claremi, participants of the film and the Friends of Attention network.

Anthesis (Friends of Attention, 19', color, Full HD, 16:9, no dialogue. USA. 2023) (Anthesis). n. The period or act of flower expansion; irreversible opening of the buds; blossoming as such; flowering.





Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Claudia Claremi

Visual artist and filmmaker. Graduated in Documentary Film Directing from the International Film School of San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba) and in Fine Arts from the University of the Arts London (UK) and the Instituto Superior de Arte de La Habana (Cuba). His films have been screened and awarded at festivals such as Raindance, Ann Arbor, Ji.hlava, FIC Guadalajara, Oberhausen, Documentamadrid, Márgenes, Lo Schermo dell'Arte, Vienna Shorts, LOOP Barcelona, the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, etc. His work has also been shown at PHotoEspaña, La Casa Encendida, CA2M, Centre d'Art Fabra i Coats, Matadero, Fundación Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, among others. He has received the XXI Generaciones (Fundación Montemadrid), XXXI Circuitos de Artes Plásticas (Comunidad de Madrid), the Matadero CREA grant and the NOEXPO program of the Museo Reina Sofía.


Graham Burnett

She trained in History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge University and teaches at Princeton. She works at the intersection of historical research and artistic practice, and her writing and collaborations focus on experimental/experiential approaches to textual material, pedagogical modes, and hermeneutic activities traditionally associated with humanities research activity. Recent performances and exhibitions include a number of events arising from the work of the collective ESTAR(SER). Burnett was co-curator of the Practices of attention program at the 2018 São Paulo Biennial and co-host of ATTENTION: History, Philosophy, Science at Princeton in 2021. Winner of the Guggenheim and Mellon "New Directions" award, he is the author and/or editor of several books, most recently, Twelve Theses on Attention (Princeton, 2022) with Friends of Attention. More at

Aplicaciones anidadas


FernandoFernando Echarri

He holds a PhD in environmental education and is responsible for the Educational Area of Museo Universidad de Navarra. Member of the research group VOICES of the University of Navarra. Author of several books and scientific articles such as those published in the Journal of Museum Education. He is responsible for the SociARTE program and associate professor at the University of Navarra. 


Peter Schmidt

A graduate of Princeton University, he lives in New York. He is a multidisciplinary writer, facilitator and artist. He has contributed to a number of publications, including Foreign Policy, The Cleveland Review and The Baffler.

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Fernando YoldiFernando Yoldi

Polarity therapist and osteopath, painter and dancer, facilitator of Biodanza otra mirada and DBES (Dance Based on Sensitive Education) at the Centro Escucha (Pamplona), of which he is director, at the multidisciplinary center of health, sport and well-being UneOnak (San Sebastián) and at the Escuela de Innovación-Caja de Burgos. Delegate in Navarra of the AEES (Spanish Association of Sensitive Education). Collaborator of the research group on Foundations of Education and Social Responsibility in Education (FERSE) of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid. He is part of the editorial team of Third Factor Magazine.

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Organizing Committee

Nieves Acedo - Museo Universidad de Navarra
Fernando Echarri - Museo Universidad de Navarra
Inés Olza - ICS
Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro - ICS
Peter Schmidt - Institute for Sustained Attention

Aplicaciones anidadas



Aplicaciones anidadas






Aplicaciones anidadas




This initiative is part of SociARTE and has the support of