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The Museo Universidad de Navarra presents "Possible Constellations. The image as a fragment of reality in the MUN collection".

This group exhibition has been curated by four graduates of the Museum's Master's program and funded by the Pablo Palazuelo Foundation. It presents different photographic techniques, periods, currents and themes for the public to reflect on the role of photography in an increasingly digital and image-saturated world.

FotoManuelCastells/The curators of the exhibition, Soledad Paszkiewicz, Valvanera Cejudo, Pilar Romero and Marian Boadas.

How does photography communicate with reality? What and how many different points of view does it offer us? Is what it shows only a part of what exists? Possible Constellations. The image as a fragment of reality in the MUN Collection appeals to us to ask ourselves these kinds of questions through photographic images, highlighting the infinity of possible points of view before the works.

It is a group exhibition, and has been curated by four graduates of the V promotion of the Master in Curatorial Studies of Museo Universidad de Navarra: Soledad Paszkiewicz, Pilar Romero, Valvanera Cejudo and Marian Boadas. The curators will offer a masterclass today, Thursday 20, at 7 p.m., whose capacity is already full. The opening of the exhibition will follow at 8 p.m., with free admission. It can be visited until August 25.

The curators have presented today to the media the exhibition, the culmination of their Master's Thesis, which was selected among the works of their class to occupy the walls of the Museum.

The director of the master's degree, Nieves Acedo, pointed out that each year the exhibition produced by a group of students' TFM shows "the meaning and the opportunity to study this master's degree in the context of a Museum that shows its university character in the effort made -through its professionals, its spaces, its resources- to provide future curators with the best training and the best opportunities".

On Possible Constellations, the professor highlighted the challenge for the curators "to find a possible and pertinent narrative in the MUN Collection itself," which was chosen as the theme of the TFM to join the initiatives being prepared for the celebration of the Museum's tenth anniversary, which will take place next year. "Tackling a collection of 23,000 photographs and almost 250,000 negatives, with no restrictions other than the dimensions of the room and a limited budget, is challenging for any experienced curator," he says, "but the students were not discouraged by the difficulties and worked until they came up with the wonderful proposal that we will be able to contemplate.

José Ortiz Echagüe, Daniel Canogar, Ouka Lee, Joan Fontcuberta, María Bleda and José María Rosa, or Roland Fischer are some of the artists who signed the selected works. Belonging to the MUN Collection, the more than one hundred works represent a wide variety of periods (from the 19th century to the present), trends (pictorialism, new objectivity, intimist photography...) and techniques (such as blue charcoal or inkjet on felt), and are grouped into four areas according to their subject matter: flowers, portraits, the Alhambra and the mountains.

Thus, these constellations allow the viewer to build relationships of similarity and contrast, and invite us to reflect on the images as the product of a construction, bringing to the forefront the convoluted relationship between reality and fiction in the photographic medium. The result is an exhibition that raises the need to understand how photography is constructed in a world saturated with images, increasingly immersed in digital technology and with more possibilities and speed of production.

In addition, the curators wanted to accompany the viewer on a journey through this constellation with the creation of two sound itineraries: one historical and the other literary, which can be accessed through a QR code or directly through the web.

Possible Constellations. The image as a fragment of reality in the MUN Collection is an exhibition funded by the Pablo Palazuelo Foundation.





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