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The MUN brings together 25 social entities from Navarre in the third edition of the "SociArte" program

The Museum has presented today the third edition of this initiative, with which it puts its resources at the service of social entities, to work in different areas through art.

FotoManuelCastells/Representatives of the social entities participating in SociArte and MUN professionals, during today's meeting. Museo Universidad de Navarra

The MUN presented today the third edition of SociArte, a project promoted with the support of "La Caixa" Foundation that seeks to listen to the social entities of Navarre to know their needs and respond to them. There are already 25 entities that have participated so far, and the number reaches 30 for this new edition. Through SociArte, the Museum offers its resources free of charge to work in different areas through art and creativity.

As Fernando Echarri , director of the MUN's Educational Area, recalled, this year a total of 1.043 people have participated in the 60 activities developed through this program: guided and dramatized visits to the Museum's exhibitions; visual thinking; individual and group creativity activities based on the MUN Collection; workshops for children, teenagers and families; film forums; training sessions given by professionals from the MUN or participating associations; art therapy sessions; or the creation of specific materials, such as the "Tàpies briefcase", which enables the artistic experience for people with visual difficulties, are some examples.

For his part, the deputy director of the Museum, José Manuel Trillo recalled that the mission of the MUN is "tender puentes with society", through initiatives such as SociArte, with the aim of constituting "a small ecosystem of inclusion". Izaskun Azcona, delegate of "La Caixa" Foundation in Navarra, was also present at the event, who also considers it "fundamental" to establish alliances of this type to facilitate "access to culture as a tool for promotion and social insertion".

The meeting was attended by representatives of the 25 social entities participating in this third edition, which are: Roncal Association, ANAC (Navarre Association of High Abilities), EM Navarra (Multiple Sclerosis of Navarra), Ilundáin Foundation, Xilema Foundation, ANFAS, ONCE, Eunate Association, Spanish Association of Sensitive Education, Disnavarra (Navarre Dyslexia Association), Onabide Association, AFAN (Association of relatives of Alzheimer patients of Navarra), ACODIFNA (Coordinating Association of People with Physical Disabilities of Navarra), Amedna (Association of businesswomen and managers of Navarra), ASORNA (Association of Deaf People of Navarra), ASDN (Down Syndrome Association of Navarra), ANDI (New Dialogue Association), ALCER (Association for the Fight Against Kidney Diseases), ADHI (Navarra Association for the Treatment and Study of Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity and Impulsivity) and CEAR (Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid), Nuevo Futuro, ANADI (Navarra Diabetes Association), Bilaketa Association, Saray and Core Foundation.





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