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CreAcción' by Metamorphosis Dance, the participatory process in choreographic creation.

Performing Arts

What happens if the typical format of a show is not enough for us? What if our creations are not standard or linear? The curtain opens, a show is performed... and, at the end, there is an applause. But what if we change the rules of the game? Why not investigate and show more? What if we want to offer much more?

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


The project step by step

Before September 17
Registration to form the group

17 Sep. Initial meeting of the group with the Company. 

27 Sep - 25 Oct. CreAcción process with the group.
27, 28, 29 and 30 Sep.
4, 11, 18 and 25 Oct.
/ 14:00 to 16:00h.

4 Nov / 18:45 to 20:15h.
Site Specific and Open Talk


6 November / 19:30h
CreAcción Absolute Premiere


What is the relationship between the elements that inspire a choreography (ideas, stories, gestures, movements, images...) and its final representation on stage through the dancers' corporeality? What links are established between the work and its authors? How do choreographers work with movement to generate poetics in their works? What elements are substantial in a staging besides movement? What work do choreographers develop in the creative process? What equipment is necessary to put on a show?

CreAcción, the new project of Metamorphosis Dance and Museo Universidad de Navarrafocuses on the interaction between creator, performer and audience and invites to go beyond the pre-established limits.

"For many years, all our works have led us to explore our bond with the audience; to think about how we relate to them and how they perceive our work according to their own state of mind or personal background," the company says. "What if the public could learn much more about our methodology and how we use creative resources when we are faced with a new creation? Are there new - or different - ways to engage our audience? The challenge lies not only in openly showing our processes, but also in allowing the public to be an active and fundamental part of them".

CreAcción does not want to put people on stage, but to make them participate in this show in a more transversal, tangible and real way, turning them into co-creators of the piece itself.


The project step by step

On this page we will be updating the artistic creation residency process. The different phases are:

- Registration for the formation of the working group. Although no previous dance training is required, participants must commit to actively participate throughout the process. The deadline for registration is September 17.

- The first sharing through an online conference on September 17 between the company and the registered participants. 

- CreAction Process with the working group selected to carry out the process.

- Site Specific and Open talk with the Company on November 4.

- Essays

-Premiere of CreAcción at the Teatro del Museo Universidad de Navarra on November 6.

Co-creation during the artistic residency

The co-creation process begins with an intensive one-week workshop, in which the group of participants shares with the company the elements that will be the starting point of the choreographic process.

In the following weeks, the group will meet once a week with the choreographers and dancers to follow up on the process, reviewing the material and contributing their feelings and valuable aspects to the work.

Attendees will actively participate in the movement sessions proposed by Metamorphosis Dance during these meetings, which will be documented on video in order to openly share with the public the creative process after the exhibition of the show.

The premiere of the final play will take place in November at the Teatro Museo Universidad de Navarra.


If there is something that characterizes the work of Metamorphosis Dance is the impeccable execution of each and every one of its stagings, in addition to a virtuous, demanding, precise and exhaustive physical work. Their creations always aspire to excellence in movement, technique and physicality.

CreAcción 's methodology is based on opening the creative process of a show in an innovative way to people outside the world of dance.

The company proposes them to collaborate and get involved as co-creators of a new piece, both in the research, as well as in the generation of creative material and in making decisions related to staging, lighting and musical elements, dramaturgy and composition.

Discovering the creative process of an artist unveils the mystery and shows the craftsmanship of the creator as something tangible and attractive.

CreAcción proposes a new and more enriching participatory model. It proposes to show how an artist looks for creative solutions, providing the public with tools that can be extrapolated to other areas of life, to everyday life.

The ability of the participants to tell the experience, to involve their close circles, offer a new perspective to the public. The closeness, their direct participation, manages to infect other people, bringing them closer, through CreAcción, to contemporary dance.

The possibilities for experimentation and learning during the process soar and we will work to make the participants feel proud of the piece they have co-created: a piece with a strong and attractive aesthetic, of great artistic quality and enormous creative potential.

While it is not necessary that the participants in the creation process be people linked to the world of dance, they must actively participate in the movement sessions that the company proposes during the meetings. Clothing and shoes that allow movement are recommended.

All sessions will take place on the stage of the Theater Museo Universidad de Navarra.

Participation in the process includes a ticket to the premiere.

CreAcción is a production of Metamorphosis Dance promoted by Museo Universidad de Navarra, which is sponsored by the Department of Culture and Language Policy of the Basque Government through the grants for the production of performing arts 2021.

Metamorphosis Dance is a resident company of the City of Alcorcón, which has the support of the Community of Madrid and INAEM - National Institute of Performing Arts and Music of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Government of Spain.


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Aplicaciones anidadas