Kon motion Dance Company

  Thursday/ 9 Nov / 19:30 h
 60 min
10 €

The individual and the totality. The "I" and the "other". Are we one or are we each one? 

Celebrating human diversity and exploring difference and immigration through dance are the objectives of this new production by Becky Siegel, born from the participation of all the dancers in the choreographic creation. 

The dancers, from very different backgrounds and with very diverse life and professional trajectories, explore through dance and their own baggage the question of immigration: the search for a new land, the arrival in a place that may not be very welcoming, the encounter with the "other," the global dance is the dance that results from the flow of people and the imperious impulse of the vital force that leads us to continue forward no matter what.

The mixture of styles such as Hip Hop, African dance or contemporary dance, gives the language a great power, an enormous expressiveness and a wide variety of nuances. 

The piece is part of a broader project that seeks to look racism and xenophobia in the face, and to take steps to ensure that contemporary dance in Navarre reflects the reality of today's society.

EveryOne has been created in the Casa de Cultura of Aoiz thanks to the support of the Department of Culture of the Government of Navarra within the DNA festival. Its presentation at Museo en Danza is a consequence of the collaboration of Museo Universidad de Navarra with this festival.


Oihane Aramendia
José Juan Ayucar
Eva Azpilikueta
Lorea Esparza Siegel
Marié González
Samuel Quel
Montse Zabalza


Choreographer and dance teacher, American by origin, trained as a dancer in New York at the schools of Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham, among others, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia University (New York) and a Master in Performing Arts from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid).

She danced in the companies of Jeannie Hutchins and Richard Bull. He has lived in Pamplona since 1992. In 1994 he founded the company Tempomobile, creating shows in collaboration with various artists with whom he toured throughout Spain and Germany.

In 2007 he founded Kon moción, a company dedicated to dance as a research tool, as a point of connection between the arts and a transforming force in society. His work is based on the technique of choreographic improvisation as a vehicle for creativity. It was a resident company at the Huarte Center for Contemporary Art from 2007 to 2016. Its productions have been presented throughout Navarre and the Basque Country. It has collaborated with artists of the stature of Clemente Bernad, Gorka Pastor and Garbi Losada.

In 2013 Siegel expanded her scope of work to bring dance to people with chronic illnesses, disabilities and/or the elderly, creating the project Dancing from who we are. As a result of this work, Siegel is frequently invited to give workshops and lectures about the challenges for inclusion in dance.

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11 OCT - 19:30 EXPLICATES DANCE WITH TONI JODAR this activity is free with your ticket to any dance show of the season. 

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November 9, 2023



Museo Universidad de Navarra: Performing Arts