Museo en Danza Season Ticket 2

Combine as you wish the shows of the Cycle and enjoy them at a very special price:

Subscription2 Museo en Danza: 29 €

(Also available Subscription3 Museo en Danza: 48 €)

The Museum's new season tickets are a support for dance lovers. By purchasing one of these passes, you can attend a number of shows (2 or 3) of the cycle Museo en Danza and access them at a special price.

To which shows can I apply these subscriptions?

You will be able to benefit from discounts on events:

How do they work?

Make your purchase online through the link of your choice - purchasing the Abono2 or Abono3 - depending on how many shows you wish to access at a special price.

This purchase, with your registration number, entitles you to choose two or three events. In order to choose the seats of your preference, please contact the Museum in these two ways:

a) Send an email to indicating in the subject line MED2 SUBSCRIPTION and LOCATOR **indicatehere the transaction number that appears on your purchase**.

Search the website for the shows you want to attend and select your favorite seats. 

Within the body of the message include the rows and seats of your preference, as well as the name of the events you wish to attend. 

Our team will make the reservations and you will receive an email with the tickets for those seats. In case they are full at the time of booking, the same number of seats will be reserved for you in the nearby seats.

b) Call 948 42 57 00 Ext. 803473 or go to the Museum Reception and make your transaction in person. 

Come to the event with the tickets corresponding to each show and not with the proof of purchase of the Abono2 Museo en Danza. 

Do you have any doubts? Send an email to and ask us.

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June 2, 2023