Marcat Dance

  Saturday / 21 Oct / 19:30 h / 19:30 h
 60 min
Price 20 € y 22 €

Header image Derek Pedros, 2023

Dante's Inferno serves as a starting point for a personal inquiry through dance into human emotions and contradictions. A transforming journey into his own inner self. 

Mario Bermúdez, immersed in a splendid moment of choreographic maturity, plunges into a journey into the "hell" of the creator, of the artist in his creative process. It is not necessarily a negative experience, but a revealing experience that opens up to transmutation.

The artist begins this journey to find his true essence, his most intuitive, primitive and untamed self. In the process he will face his fears, his daring, his fragility and his strength. Averno is about passion and renunciation, about the desire for knowledge and its limits, about conscience and intuition and, finally, about the need to transcend.

The MUN premieres the Italian theater version of Averno, after the debut of its Roman theater version at the Italica Festival on July 11.


Choreography and direction: Mario Bermúdez Gil

Dance Performers: Mario Bermúdez, Catherine Coury, Marilisa Gallicchio, Javier de la Asunción, Andrea Pérez, David Eusse, Raúl Melcón

Rehearsal director: Catherine Coury
Musical composition and design: Jose Pablo Polo
Dramaturgy: Isabel Vázquez
Scenic costume design: Moises Nieto
Lighting design: Mamen BGil
Executive Production: Mamen BGil
Distribution: Danzas del Mundo
Management: Claudia Morgana
Communication: SURNAMES

With the support of Junta de Andalucía, Festival Internacional de Danza Italica and Museo de la Universidad de Navarra.


It is the artistic home of Mario Bermúdez Gil, the award-winning Spanish choreographer and American dancer Catherine Coury, co-founder of the company. Its base is located in the rural village of Vilches, in Jaén, where the company is dedicated to work each creation from creativity and movement, without forgetting another fundamental pillar: the training they provide around the world.

Marcat Dance believes in the power of imagination, in betting on creativity and in the continuous research of the dynamics of the body. The group connects with the human spirit and finds inspiration in different cultures, rituals and landscapes of the world. Since it was founded in 2016, the company has performed internationally and transmitted its teachings, touring the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Their multiple shows have won awards such as Best Male Dance Performer (MAX Awards 2023), Best Show of the Year (Lorca Awards 2022, PAD Awards 2021 and 2020), Best Original Music (PAD Awards 2020), Best Male and Female Performance (Lorca Awards 2022, PAD Awards 2021), Best Choreography (Escenarios de Sevilla Awards 2019), and have been finalists in 3 categories of the MAX Awards 2020 and another 3 in 2023. They have received First Prize in Choreography in four international choreography competitions (2016-2019).


In addition to his creations with Marcat Dance, he has been guest choreographer in other relevant international companies such as the Compañı́a Nacional de Danza de España, the Scapino Ballet of Rotterdam, the Hung Dance Taiwan, il Nuovo Balletto di Toscana or the National Company of Wales. He has recently promoted the creation of the Vildanza Festival held every summer in his village Vilches (Jaén) where they offer professional contemporary dance performances.

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11 OCT - 19:30 EXPLICATES DANCE WITH TONI JODAR this activity is free with your ticket to any dance show of the season. 

20 OCT - 14:00 THE LANGUAGE OF GAGA Masterclass with Catherine Coury

25 OCT - 19:00 HOW TO DO THINGS WITH...ORIENT María Pagés - El Arbi El Harti



October 21, 2023



Museo Universidad de Navarra: Performing Arts Museo en Danza