Ollos cara adentro
iXa - Elena Castellanos

  Wednesday / 11 Oct / 19:00 h.
 17 min
Free admission with MUN ticket
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"The spirit of the man who dreams is fully satisfied with what he dreams. The arrogant unknown of possibility ceases to formulate. Kill, fly faster, love whenever you want."

(André Breton, 1924)

Taking as a starting point the universe of the oneiric, Ollos cara adentro aims to investigate the surrealist conception of the dream; that place where the limits of logic, reason, conscience and even the conventions of taste are broken allowing to open a door between the inner and outer world of each individual.


Original idea: Elena Castellanos

Creative assistance: Xián Martínez

Choreography and interpretation: Elena Castellanos and Xián Martínez


(Campo de Criptana, Ciudad Real) She began her training in Classical Dance at the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza José Antonio Ruiz in Albacete and graduated in choreography and interpretation at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza in Madrid. She also obtained a Master's Degree in Artistic, Literary and Cultural Studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She currently works as a freelance dancer. As a dancer she began her career at the Nouvo Balleto di Toscana (Florence), where she danced for prominent creators such as Davide Bombana. Later, she continued her career in Spain, working for companies such as Kor'sia in Spanish Suite, The Lamb or Somiglianza; Jesús Benzal in Lo que ocurre en un instante and Todas las despedidas; and for iXa in Cinzas or Pioneras. She has also worked for other choreographers such as Manuel Rodríguez or Mar Aguilló in different projects. She has received the Outstanding Dancer Award in Contemporary Dance at the Tetuan Choreography Contest and collaborates with different companies as a photographer such as ELAMOR or La Basal.


(Vigo, 1996) She began her professional dance training at the Royal Conservatory of Dance Mariemma and later graduated in choreography and interpretation at the Conservatory of Dance in Madrid. As a performer, Martinez has been part of the Basque company Dantzaz, from 2019 to 2021, where she has performed repertoires and been part of creations of various authors such as Vita Osojnik, Martin Harriague, Thierry Malandian and Itzik Galili, among others. Subsequently and until today, she develops her career as a freelance performer and dancer. She has worked on projects in France, Germany and Spain, with artists such as Álex Ollé, Marta Pazos, Sol Picó or Toni Mira. Since 2019, Martinez co-directs iXa, a platform around the arts of movement that aims to bring dance to locations and audiences with less access. From this she has created the theater pieces Pioneras/Aitzindariak and Nik.Eu, both on tour; and Tacto and Ollos cara adentro. He has also created works for other platforms such as Yellow Lemon, Xeneración Z and Nun Zira? He is also choreographic assistant for Marta Alonso Tejada's new production, Dancing Queen.


It was born as a multidisciplinary cultural project, where dance and movement are the communication tools. Through performances, mediation projects and other types of related activities, iXa aims to connect the collective imagination with the contemporary scene of the moving arts. 

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11 OCT - 19:30 EXPLICA DANSA CON TONI JODAR this activity is free with your ticket to any dance show of the season. 

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October 11, 2023



Museo Universidad de Navarra: Museo en Danza Performing Arts